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Shovelhead Big twin 4 speed transmission - Ratchet Top 2.44:1 Ratio

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$ 1,195.00

New 4 speed ratchet top transmissions have proven reliability. The gear sets are considered the best aftermarket choice by many motorcycle shops. # 30650 2.44:1 ratio.

Complete 4-speed transmissions are designed around our RevTech cases and highly-regarded RevTech close-ratio gear sets. Bolt it in and just add oil (and even that's included). The 2.44:1 close-ratio first gear model has a 1.35:1 close-ratio third gear and is ideal for FX models. With 2.60:1 close-ratio first gear and 1.35:1 close-ratio third gear it is perfect for FL models but can also be used on FX models. Both sets provide a more usable first gear and eliminate second gear clunk with better pull in third gear. RevTech gear faces are honed and finish ground for maximum strength and precise engagement. Shifter Clutches and shifter dog faces are widened .020" for better durability. RevTech 4-speed cases are machined from 356 aluminum alloy castings and heat-treated to T6 . They are finished with our chrome heavy-duty kicker kit and chrome ratchet top. Included is a set of 1:1 ratio speedometer drive gears, a chrome Clutch release lever with chrome Cover and a 23-tooth transmission Sprocket. Transmissions are shimmed and tested and include studs for installation on the mounting plate and the Inner Primary.
Fits most stock and custom 4-speed Big Twin frames using running gear from 1970-early 1984 (see notes), and may use either early (1936-1964) or late (1965-1984) transmission mounting plates.


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